ICON Photonics proposes you to reach the next level of optical coupling

Our first patented technology moves the telecom & datacom industries to new standards of performances. Operating a 650m² clean room, our engineers develop breakthrough technologies opening a new generation of optical coupling.

We give the opportunity to absorb fiber misalignment and to shrink down the chips active areas dimensions by a factor of 3. Our technology is completely adaptable to the dimensions you need and customizable according to your applications.

On top of all it is capable to operate at wafer level, adapted to mass production.

Welcome into your future standards

Multiple technical and industrial advantages

  • Full optical coupling even with the world smallest optical apertures (from 30um to 1 um)
  • Applicable with VCSELs and Photodiodes, to single-mode and multi-mode optical fibers
  • High tolerance to optical misalignment, vibrations and temperature
  • Compatible with passive alignment and assembly equipment
  • Applicable on wafers, arrays or singulated chips

Misalignment Tolerance

Enable the low cost of passive alignment
Increase your misalignment tolerances by a factor 2 and reduce the losses

Smaller, Faster

By reducing your active area diameter down to few microns, you will reach new levels of speed (for either Datacom or Telecom applications)

Wafer level production

Developed for any industrial wafer-level production, compatible to the existing manufacturing lines and processes

Design & Testing


Fabrication & Production

Technology Transfer

Custom development

Our expertise & knowledge in the electro-optical and MEMS fields give us the possibility to work on many specific projects, on a wide range of applications :

→ With or without bonded-Si fixture
→ 90° angle-tolerant solutions available
→ Hermetic solutions for glue / index liquid
→ Wirebonding / Flip-chip compatible
→ Multi-Core Fiber (MCF) applications

We design our technology and adapt our offers to your requirements

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