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ICON Photonics offers the opportunity to foresee the future and discover the next generation of optical coupling.
We propose innovative high-performance optical coupling and packaging solutions for very high-speed optical communications.

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Smaller, faster

Our technology helps chip foundries to shrink down the active area and increase data rate by a factor 3

Easy to align

Misalignment tolerances are considerably increased, enabling passive alignment

Wafer level production

Up to 100.000 components without any extra-cost or investments

Customizable solution

Single mode, multimode, multicore … Our technology is adaptable to whatever chip dimension or property, and to all applications

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The company was founded in 2018 after more than 6 years of laboratory work and research. Meet our team and learn more about ICON Photonics.

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At ICON Photonics we give particularly a great prominence to meet new people, share our work, and discover new technologies. We participate at plenty of international events, and we would be very glad to meet you there.

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